Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craft Fairs

I've been researching craft fairs recently. I'm interesting in trying my first craft fair in a few months. Seeing really amazing fairs such as the Renegade Craft Fair, really inspires me and makes me want to go out there and try a small craft fair. Even if I don't make sales, I'd have fun.

I love everything I see here!

However, as I research, I'm having trouble finding small local fairs, especially ones that are reasonably priced. For my first fair, I don't want to spend $300 for a table when I may not make one sale, especially considering that I have many relatively cheap items, as opposed to more expensive items that would cover the table price after a few sales.

I'm a little nervous to put myself out there. I am concerned that my items aren't unique enough. They're just sewn pouches, is what I've been told on Etsy before. I do feel like they are unique though, in the kind of Japanese aesthetic and funkiness I strive for. I suppose I just need to believe in myself!

So, dear readers, do you have any advice for a good first craft fair experience? :)


  1. Find smaller local ones to get your feet wet or try a craft centered flea market. We have a market not too far from me that is normal most Sundays, but the first Sunday of the month is only for local artisans. I just googled to find them.

    Hope it helps! Found you on Etsy :)


  2. Thank you, Tiffany! I didn't think of researching markets. I'll have to do that now. :)

  3. Sometimes the smallest details can make pouches and other crafts stand out -- like unique buttons/button placement, lace, a patch of different fabric, visible stitching, bows, etcetera!

    Say for instance...you made one of your pincushions out of strawberry fabric. A cute little detail would be to use a strawberry button instead of a round one -- or use a red plain one and paint little dots on it and some green on a side!

    Or even pincushions that resemble things people like...like food! Ooh, like marshmallows! Marshmallow pincushion would be cute...with a facial expression, too!

  4. Like the little corner bows on some of your pouches! Those are really cute! They catch my eye.

  5. I think your stuff is cute, I love your owl pouch in the middle pic:) I know how you feel about being a little nervous to put yourself out there...I am the same way. I think the craft fairs is a good idea, I have been thinking about it as well but don't have much stuff created yet. I've noticed that a lot of people impulse buy at craft fairs and festivals.

  6. @Monda - Thank you! I've been actually wanting to try different buttons with my pincushions. If there are any owl buttons, I think that'd be a cute detail to add.

    If I make an ichigo pincushion, I'll let you know! I found some cute strawberry buttons the other day. =O

  7. @Kimmy - Thank you so much!

    You should definitely try it! People really love jewelry at craft fairs. I bet you'd be a real hit. :) Good luck to us both!


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