Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick update

Hello, friends! I've been so busy lately. Besides work this week, I spent this week working on new crafts, taking new stock photos, and I was away visiting my cousin for her birthday. I got everything on my list (I'm a compulsive list maker) done... except rest! I've been fighting off strep throat for about a month, so while I'm no longer sick and I'm off my antibiotics as of today, my body is just absolutely bone tired because I've not really allowed myself any time to rest. Busy busy. *exhaustion* ;__;

I'm just going to show you some nice new things I've bought recently, along with a few new crafts I've made. I'm make a real proper update sometime soon about something that has been on my mind - namely, craft fairs, and whether I should attempt one or not.

Too cute! My sproutlings are doing real well. They're getting biiiiiig!

The newest addition - Taterpot by Eggling. You should check out their stuff, it is SUPER adorable. I really want it alllll. *pout*

This little guy will sprout some delicious EDIBLE oregano soon, so I'll have some garnish for my pasta.
But not yet. I'm still waiting for LIFE! 

I bought a nice purse frame on Etsy. I've bought some in the past because I am infatuated with coin purses, but I couldn't sell any because they were the glue-on kind of purse frames, and it just became disgusting and messy as the glue got all over the fabric.

So instead, I will try the sew on kind! Cross your fingers! I might have a nice adorable coin purse up soon for you all. A question to the readers: do you prefer the kind with the reinforced square bottoms that stand up, or do you like the round ones? I prefer round when it comes to tiny coin purses, personally, but I want to make sure as I'll be selling these, not keeping them! ;)

Goodnight, loyal readers!

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  1. Ugh, I love Taterpots. I put them in like every house in The Sims 2. xD

    And I love yellow wellies! If I could keep plants alive I'd totally indulge in these.


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