Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm not dead!

I'm not dead, friends! Just very busy between work and making supplies for the craft show. :) I should have an update coming up soon.

However, in the mean time, check out my latest treasury. To those not in the Etsy-sphere, a treasury is a collection of items (not your own, others) put up by other Etsy shops. Usually the items selected are part of a theme of the treasury.

Can you tell that autumn is my favorite season?

My theme is autumn chromatic colors. See the yellows fade into oranges which then fade into reds and browns! :)

Enjoy the lovely items. I wish I could buy them all!


  1. I saw this earlier, you did a great job! Autumn colors are my favorite too:) As far as favorite seasons go it is a toss up between spring and autumn for me. I'm anxious to hear about your craft show, good luck!


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