Sunday, August 22, 2010

More on the craft fair

Busy busy busy. I've made three pouches, two pincushions, and six tissue holders thus far this weekend. I took a break from crafting because I had a case of the blues, but I'm back on the sewing machine! I'm still waiting on my other fabrics I ordered, so I'm just using up my old favorite fabrics I have left over, such as my red winking owl fabric and the orange kawaii owl fabric. Oldies but goodies! Perfect colors for an autumn craft fair. :)

Hoo hoo!

I decided on the goal quantities I would like to have at my show.

☆ 20 tissue holders

☆ 10 pin cushions

   15 pouches (in all type of sizes - the standard size and the pencil cases)
  ☆ 5 make-up pouches 

(I've not listed the make-up pouches online before, but they're generally 14 x 10, quite large, with a nylon type of lining that is easily cleaned, very good for make-up addicts like me! I love these, I use them for my make-up all the time and they were a hit at work)

I think this is a fair quantity. I'm trying to have a diverse price spread so I have items available for all price ranges.

And a few stuffed toys if I manage to make some in time for when the show comes around. I'd really rather not dip into my Etsy stock, but I may take some things down and push them into the show if I'm missing a few items!

In other news, I start a new semester in a new university very soon, so between that and the craft show, don't be worried if dissappear for a while. I'm just very busy. I'm immensely excited to start school again, despite the fact that I have 22 novels I need to read this semester, some of those being real door stoppers! I even started to read early to get off to a good start. *dork* 8)


  1. Wow you've been really busy! I think you have a nice variety for your craft show. I know how you feel about the blues, I got that way last week from being overwhelmed with my regular job and keeping up with my crafts. I wish there was more time in the day! But the nice thing is that we can go our own pace with our Etsy shop. Good luck with your classes:)

  2. Man, you're like so pro now.


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