Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Listing 8/28 // On retaking Etsy item photos

A new tissue holder I made earlier today has just been listed. Enjoy, friends!

I've also made a really gorgeous new over-sized deluxe overnight bag, though I've not yet listed it. It has a nylon lining so it's really easily cleaned with a wipe and moisture resistant, so it's great for toiletries. It's also wonderful as a really large make-up bag for make-up fanatics, like me, since it's so big and easy to clean. :] It measures approx 14" x 8.5"! 

That brings me onto my next point. I think I'm going to start trying a new style in my photographs. It was recommended that I take photos of my pouches propped upright, with light stuffing inside to really make them look their best. I took some test photos earlier and I really liked the look of it. I think I will be retaking some photos tomorrow of all of my pouches in that way. It'll also make my listings look more uniform on my shop home page, which I like! 

Which leaves me to end this post with a question: how often do you retake your photos and why? Take care and goodnight, friends!


  1. I like how all of your photo backgrounds are in white. I actually started doing that with some of my photos as well:) It definitely helps focus in on the item.

  2. I also often retake my photos until they turn out the way I like them and sometimes I wait a day or two, cause I know when Im beat and I face the fact that its just not meant to be a picture taking day! grrr


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