Monday, August 16, 2010


love buying supplies. Since I've signed up for the craft fair, I have a good excuse to buy some! 

I can't get over the colors in this!
It's kawaii style but still has rich dark colors.
My favorite supply shopping is fabric shopping, of course. ;) One of the fortunate parts of being a primarily fat quarter project type of crafter is that I can order bundles of Japanese import FQs for a good deal. I ordered some gorgeous Japanese cotton fabric last night. 

I bought two FQs from Mwenda's Etsy. I feel obligated to show everyone because it's one of the few Etsy shops located in the far east that charges really reasonable shipping prices to the US, especially for multiple orders. Thank you, Mwendas! ♥

Familiar, yes? That's because I keep ordering this fabric.
I've ordered this in blue, orange, and purple! Love it!
Nothing much else is new. My Eggling has become to sprout its first little Daisy sproutlings. I am shocked how strong and hearty they are. I wasn't really expecting my Eggling to flourish much, because I was growing it in my office, where it only got fluorescent lighting rather than the real kind, like my windowsill plants do. Hooray!

Do check out my new updated shop policies page. Nothing really has changed -  I just added some additional information. After critiquing others' policies pages in the Etsy forums, I've realized my own policy page could use some clarifications. :)

                                                                                 Goodnight, friends! ♥

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  1. I need to sew more so I have an excuse to buy these fabrics. I want the turnip one!

    And I'm glad you keep buying that fabric 'cause it's the greatest fabric of all time.


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