Monday, September 20, 2010

Shizuka Urusai loves PINCUSHIONS

Most would assume that the most difficult items for me to make in my shops are probably the zipper pouches. A lot of people have the fear of sewing zippers. Well, for me, I think pincushions are by far the most challenging. They combine so many different types of techniques! They're very fun to make, but can be tricky. So I have a great appreciation for those who make them.

So today's blog post is an Etsy shop feature of those who make super cute pincushions with a little something extra to make them POP! Enjoy! 

I would never have thought to add crochet applique. Awesome!  By namolio in England!

Holy moley, that's making my mouth water! Too cute! By SeaPinks.

Hahah, that's so original and brilliant! Love it! By supah

Wow, that must take some skill to make! Plus, super cute bees are plus! By joycemac634

Oh, he is too precious! I want him, though I'd feel sad sticking needles into him! ;)
By PurplePlatypus

List of Featured Shops:

Keep up the good work, guys. ;) And take care, faithful readers!


  1. Those are so cuuuuute! Between always seeing yours, browsing Etsy, and now these, I'm practically on the verge of starting a pin cushion collection. Is that weird?

  2. Not at all! Do it, and it'll also remind you to sew more and post more cute sewn stuff on your blog. Do iitttt!


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