Monday, September 27, 2010


I've finally found the perfect tutorial for teaching me how to make coin purses. I can do it now! Plus using a loop purse frame is so much easier for me. They're so sturdy because I use double threading of a strong black thread when I sew them in. Maybe one day I'll be able to do glue-in frames, but for now, this is much easier and I feel confident that I can sell these, because they're not covered in glue. ;]

I made an extremely adorable kawaii one that is red with big white polka dots. I love it! I was looking forward listing it this morning, but the weather is so dark and grey that I can't take photos (I still need a lightbox!) for Etsy. Oh well. It will be up soon.

Now I feel confident that I can supply these coin purses, so I've ordered several more purse frames. I'll be happy to start selling coin purses. :)

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