Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been impossibly busy this week. For now, I will say that I had a blast at the NYCC/NYAF! I met a lot of great artist, got an autograph from writer and creator of Babylon Five, saw Bruce Campbell in person, and did a lot of shopping. I took photos with lots of awesome cosplayers, as well. :) Lots of talent, lots of fun! I bought hairclips, paper goods, and even an amigurumi cupcake! Wuahhhhh! <3

Chilling with the Star Wars crew. :) 

On a more craft-related topic, I'm planning on listing a few things this weekend. Look forward to more cute happy apple tree crafts and relisting of a few popular items. I would like to do more, but life gets in the way, as usual.

I am also going to be doing some fabric shopping soon. What type of animals/objects/colors would YOU like to see in future products? I'd truly appreciate your feedback, so that I know I am supplying what my faithful shoppers and readers want to see and buy!

Take care, friends! :)


  1. Buy anything cute, it fits with your shop:) You already have a nice variety of stuff listed.


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