Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's new, pussycat? Woaoaoaoaaaah.

October started out with an explosion of activity, but it's definitely turned into a dry spell in the second half of the month. I wonder why that is? I know with me, I ended up spending so much in the first half that I need to watch my wallet now! I wonder if that's the case with everyone else on Etsy? Too much splurging... :)

I've been fairly busy this weekend, but my work load should settle down soon, which is good because a good deal of fabric will arrive in the mail soon! I can't wait. Check out some of these cute designs that will be in my items listed in the future:

Anyway, lots of college work to do. Also, the entire family is sick so I am making nice yummy hot chili tonight to soothe us all! Time to prepare that. Take care, friends. :) 

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