Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life is a craft project

I've not been able to update much this weekend; I've been busy at work between trying to create new stock for Etsy, taking photographs, and setting up my new bookshelf.

One of my majors in college is English, so naturally I'm a book worm. Today, I bought a new bookcase to fit my library, and I sorted out which books I would donate. I have two crate fulls of books to donate to the charity thrift shop and the library, yet I still was just able to get all of my books to fit in my new super tall bookshelf!

 (And this is after donating a bunch of books!)

I alphabetized by author, then by titles within the author, and then chronologically for any series. I also sorted out my hobby books. My inner OCD tiger is curled up and purring with contentedness.

Another nice thing happened today. I've gotten my first chamomile sproutlings! I was so excited and surprised I ran around the house showing everyone, shouting "FIRST LIFE! FIIIIRST LIIIIIFE!!!"


A very productive weekend, indeed! I'll have my new Etsy stock and photos up tomorrow, for those who are interested. Hope you're having a good weekend too, out there! :)

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