Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hello friends. :) When I wasn't relaxing in the pool today and having coffee indulgences, I was hard at work on my Etsy stock. My weekend goal was to have 10 items ready for Etsy - and I actually achieved it! This is monumental, as my general attitude towards my weekend goals is something akin to:

But not this time. I not only bought a new bookshelf and reorganized my entire library, which was my first weekend goal, but I made my 10th item just a few minutes ago. So with no further ado, enjoy some photos of my new stock!

And what is this? Two pincushions, nearly finished. All they need is a big cute button to complete them and give them that pincushion shape. :) I'll have those up on Etsy soon.

For those more observant readers out there, you probably realized that the fabric used in these pincushions was VERY familiar... that's because I save up all of my scraps, and whatever is big enough, I recycle either for making little bows, or pincushions. I try not to put any fabric to waste!

If you want to see more, check out my Etsy @ Shizuka Urusai!

Have a wonderful night, loves.

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