Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday Fun

Tomorrow I am planning a fun day trip. I am going to see all of the sites of Manhattan's unofficial "Little Tokyo" - lots of shopping, eating, photos, and good fun! I bet I'll find a lot of planters, like my Nyokki and Taterpot.

This store front shouts "Come in, Jess!" :)

I also plan to pop into some of the fabric stories that I was advise to look into, such as purl SOHO and Mood Fabrics. purl SOHO sounds especially wonderful, because they have a huge shop that sells lots of felt, Japanese fabric, and all sorts of things I tend to have to have imported. That gets very expensive after a while, so it would be nice to find a place nearby... Let's hope I find lots of lovely things to review and take photos of! 

These colors! I'm in heaven!

I'll let you in on a secret - I want to find very cute fabrics for hand felting and embroidery. I want to start embroidering cute original designs onto my pouches. I've been sketching some designs in my notebook. I'd love to show you them as soon as they're done.

Take care, friends! ♥

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