Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuffed full of LOVE

I've been focusing on making enough pouches and bags for my Etsy Showcase day. Once this is over though, I want to stock my Etsy with some things that I really love to make - stuffies!

The first few times I made them, I sewed them all by hand, because I was living in England at the time, and didn't have my sewing machine. It was my first foray in the real world of hand stitching, and while I don't think I'm great at it still, I'm certainly better and neater than I used to be! My first project was a little bear and it was kind of insane looking, though I suppose somewhat cute! I named her Coconut Creme.

One of my favorite things to sew are octopodes (the plural of octopus - it's not actually octopi!). I learned how to make them through the excellent free pattern by futuregirl crafts, one of my favorite crafters out there. She's multi-talented, and friendly!

Very cute, huh? Thank you so much for the tutorial, futuregirl!

This is the one I made. My cute octopus, Squirt Jr, guards over my Lucky Bamboo and my money stash in my Japanese Piggy Bank! Try to steal, and you'll be sooooorry.

The one issue with free patterns of this nature is that, naturally, you can't sell items created from them since it's not your original design. So I've been making some original patterns of my own stuffies on my free time. Right now, my most successful original creation is a snail. A paisley pillow snail named Zon.

Say hello to Zon, friends! I love this little guy. I'm going to be creating more like him and I think I shall put them up as Etsy stock.

I also am looking to make a free photo tutorial so everyone can make their own!

My question is: Do you like him without eyes, or should I sew little buttons on the top of his eye stalks? :)

Take care, readers!


  1. I think Zon would look cuter with the button eyes:) Good luck on your showcase!


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