Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*sniff* // Fabric Love

As someone who suffers allergies (though oddly enough, it varies by the year; some summers I need to take allergy medication every day or else I'm a mess and other summers I'm good except for an occasional bad day), I try to always carry tissues in my purse. Before I discovered the joys of tissue holders, I'd have the constant frustration of my tissues being all messed up in my bag and coming loose and such. But now, no troubles! So I ♥ tissue holders.

They're fun to make as well. I just made one out of the most adorable owl fabric I received in the mail this morning. I'm a bit of an owl fanatic and I needed some Japanese import fabric for my Etsy site, so when I saw an entire YARD  fabric of import owl fabric for only $9.50 (keep in mind, some of the yards of fabric in just an average fabric store like Joann's can range up to $12/yard), I pounced on it. I'm very glad I did, because this fabric arrived astonishingly fast. I don't think I ever received fabric from California so fast, considering that I live in New York.

(Three cheers for luckykaerufabric's super fast shipping and their adorable fabric!)

Back on the topic of tissue holders - I just made one out of this fantastic owl fabric. I'll try to list it on Etsy tomorrow, along with any others I make. What I need is an adorable set of purse tissues to use in my product photographs - and I know just the kind I'm going to get!

Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores - cheap prices, great fashion, adorable sun dresses. They also sell adorable tissues - the cutest of which are the Hello Kitty Sniff tissues.

I can't get over how cute these are. Let's hope I'm able to set these aside for future products photographs. I wouldn't be surprised if I just used them anyway. ;) 

Goodnight, all of my loyal readers!

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  1. Every time I've seen the Hello Kitty tissues at XXI they're always opened and messed up and covered in lipstick. It's so gross!


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