Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer in the city // Shop until you drop!

Being so busy working this summer, I've been neglecting to travel around lately. While I don't live within Manhattan, I live close enough that a train ride in is relatively short and cheap. I used to make many day trips, but I haven't in quite a while.

After having so many of the independent fabric shops in the area close down and being unable to find any other ones nearby, I decided I'd research into really nice indie fabric shops in Manhattan, particularly ones that do import Japanese fabric and vintage buttons and such. Keep on the look out for a blog post in the future with a bunch of shops I've found. I'll go to each one and make a big shopping trip of it all! I'll review all of the shops, for any other New York crafters out there reading.

On the topic of shopping, I've been all over Etsy lately, and I've found a few really enchanting shops that I feel like linking to. Some of these shops are having July sales, so be sure to order anything that catches your eye!

(Gorgeous photography, sensual jewelry, great prices. Triple win! I've not founder a nicer vintage jewelry Etsy shop yet.)

(I'm a huge lover of paper craft and anything related to stationary & mailing. I love this shop)

(Probably the cutest Etsy shop of all time. Full of kawaii supplies, stationary, stickers, etc. I've bought from them multiple times.)

I'll end this with a request for any links or names of nice fabric stores within Manhattan from the readers. Thanks for any information, loves. :)

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