Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tonight, I dine on bobbin soup // An introduction

This is my first blog, so I suppose an introduction post is in order.

The girl behind the blog:

Name: Jessica
Age: 20
Profession: Student in the fall/spring and I work as a part-time computer wench in an office all other times of the year.
Vices: Starbucks & Arnold Palmer iced teas. Liquid calories are the devil.



(Harmony, harmony, oh love~)

Hates: Feeling too sweaty on a hot day and when I drop my winded bobbins.

I'm cultivating a theory that bobbins have some type of attraction with the floor, specifically the darkest, most difficult and out of the way part of the floor. Because this happens at least once during every major craft project I have.

The boyfriend read a news article online recently in which scientists outlined a discovery that if left alone, headphone wires, specifically the earbug kinds one uses with mp3 players, actually do tangle themselves up. This is really disconcerting to those with OCD who must constantly untangle their headphones. They're waging war on us.

So if headphones will sabotage themselves, is it really so unlikely that bobbins take a page out of the lemmings handbook and jump off my table of their own volition?

I think not.


(Beautiful bobbin photograph from this wonderful craft blog, Crackers and Honey. Admire the cuteness. Admire it, I say!)

Winded bobbins also have a way with tangling up with loose threads that I snip as I sew. I make a conscious effort to put my bobbins somewhere separate and safe, to prevent their leaps of death to the floor, but they somehow always get tangled and messy. If someone had told me before I started sewing that I would spend every day vacuuming my floor and sewing station, I'd probably have returned my sewing machine to the shop.

But alas, I've been bitten by the crafting bug and it's a sickness that's here to stay. At least I'll always have blogging material.

Check back later; I'll have an image post up of some of my newest creations. Thanks for reading, loves!

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