Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The social networking bug has bitten!

I don't generally like to update this blog with self-promotion unless it's actually related to Etsy and the things that I've crafted (which is probably why you're reading this blog - you want to see the new goodies being listed!). So bear with me, friends, through this news.

Your laugh for the day brought to you by Work Photo Collections.

If you really love us, crave more spontaneous and frequent updates, or want to have more direct contact with us, like and follow the fan page over at Facebook!

Shizuka Urusai Facebook Fan Page

If you're not big on the FB but you have a Twitter, you can follow us over at that sphere of the social network world - @shizukaurusai

If you follow us on both, then you're just a superstar. ;)

Be sure to comment with your own FB fan pages and twitters, any crafting buddies out there! I'd like to have more to follow. :)

Take care, friends!


  1. Ah you beat me to it, lol, I wanted to create a Facebook fan page too but right now I don't think I have time to manage it. I will "like" your Facebook page;) I'll mention your shop on twitter to get you more followers as well.

  2. Thank you Kim, that's so sweet! I'll have to give your shop's sale a mention on the FB page. :) Thanks again!


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