Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tomorrow is the Craft Fair!

Tomorrow is my craft fair, weather permitting. There is a chance that it might thunderstorm, so it might be delayed until next Sunday. However, I'll hope for the best. Fingers crossed for me, friends!

I have approx. 26 items that I'm bringing! A good thing they're all very small items, or else that could be difficult to transport!

I'm very excited. Today, I will just busy myself by prepping my items, last minute ironings, attaching price tags, stuffing them with paper wrap to make them look a little more professional, etc. :)

Just a note: Tomorrow, my Etsy shop will be closed in vacation mode for my craft fair as I am bringing all items in my inventory, including my Etsy stock, to my fair. If there are any items you had your eye on, please make sure you buy them before tomorrow morning, or else there's a chance they'll be gone! Any items that have been unpurchased at the craft fair will be left on Etsy when I resume business on Monday.

Take care, friends!

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