Saturday, September 11, 2010

Supplies are fun!

I love craft supplies. One of my favorite things to shop for on Etsy are shipping supplies, both gift bags to put any of my crafts that have been purchased in and gift tags! There are so many cute things out there, I wish I could buy it all!

Here is an assortment of lovely supplies I've found on Etsy today, while shopping. :) 

A URL list of all shops featured is at the end of this post. 

Paper Bags

by Littleteethshop 
by paperb

by buffet

Plastic bags

By haato - I actually just bought these. :) 
by cheepackage

And lots of adorable gift tags!

By flirtdeux

by Seasonaldelights


  1. Thank you for featuring my item. Little Teeth Shop.

  2. Hi Jessica, thanks for featuring my item, as well as your purchase! (they will be mailed out tomorrow :D)

  3. Hi Jessica, thanks for including my tags! Your blog loves lovely! :)


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