Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lovely kits

I find that the best gifts are interactive. They remind you of the person who gave it to you every time you use them! So much fun! This year I've been making much more of an effort to give these type of gifts to people, as opposed to the typical store-bought items. Etsy and my credit card are been fast friends.

Here is a gift to myself for Christmas - a gorgeous wax seal set! It's so much fun to use and makes any letter a whole lot classier. I tested it earlier today and it was a delight.

My first try! Even messy drips look classy when they're made of red wax.

While this is not from Etsy, you can find many gorgeous wax seal sets on Etsy. One seller, fromsoul, who is from Seoul (hehehe, I love puns!) in South Korea makes custom initial stamps! So cool!

Alphabet Initial Seal Stamp by fromsoul

Here are some other lovely kit gifts I've found on Etsy. Maybe you might like to give them as gifts to your loved ones?

Here is a Message in a Bottle Kit by fellow New Yorker, MiniatureRhino. So neat! You can use it as decoration, a way to send your heartfelt feelings to someone, or send it off to the seas!

Another kit in the shop of MiniatureRhino that I adore is the DIY Zodiac Embroidery Kit. I've actually recently purchased this for myself; if you recall earlier, I've mentioned how much I want to try to take up embroidery, and I kept to my word! This is an adorable kit and you can choose your zodiac, or perhaps the zodiac sign of the loved one you're giving this gift to? It could be a good gift for a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, I bet!

Zodiac Embroidery Kit by MiniatureRhino - I'm star struck!

As someone with a bit of a green thumb (well... at least I want to have one!), I thought this DIY Organic Indoor Herb Kit by RubySueVintage of Colorado was another thing I had to mention in this entry. I love the vintage owl planter it comes with. It's too adorable. I bet anyone would love this. You can keep re-using the owl planter over and over; or else use it as a decoration if you and plants don't seem to get along, right? ;)

DIY Organic Indoor Herb Kit by RubySueVintage

I hope this helps with any gift ideas and as always, take care, my friends! <3


  1. Actually this is very interesting and would make awesome creative gifts for other DIYers! I will keep this in mind for my friends and family. That green pouch I bought I ended up giving to a friend, who loved it! I also sent her a link of it to your blog to show her that her pouch is famous. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love using wax seals on my special letters. I just sent you your kits & hope you enjoy them. Thank you so much!!! jessica//miniature rhino


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