Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying new things

On Etsy (and in business in general, really), one of the most important things you can try to do is successfully brand yourself so that you are easily recognizable and stand out! My goal for the early half of this year is to try to make my photos cute and uniform in a way that people will think of me when they see them. I am also trying to add as many cute touches to my crafts as possible, such as lovely vibrant zipper pull ribbons! I love the pop it adds to this coin purse.

Happy Houses Kawaii Zippered Coin Purse for $7.50

The idea for a new touch that I am most excited about is adding is the incorporation of embroidery into my designs! Having had a taste of embroidery making my first embroidery project with the Zodiac Embroidery Kit by MiniatureRhino, I really cannot wait to hone my skills.

I plan on make some adorable love letter style pouches with this gorgeous note pad fabric from Japan, with loving words embroidered on in cursive! Keep checking in to see when those show up in the shop within the next few weeks. I'll be so excited to make this a permanent addition to the shop.

Sold by this adorable fabric shop - stefaniexu of Beijing! 

Take care, friends! I hope all of the new things you have been trying for the new year have been working our successfully! :)


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